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Varna, here we come! Strategically located at the East Coast of Bulgaria, and facing the rich black sea, Varna is the commercial, trade and educational superpower of Bulgaria, providing shelter to more than 357,270 citizens. It is the third largest city in Bulgaria and 80th largest in the Europian Union. Dubbed as the town of the Black Sea, Varna boasts itself with pristine waters, sandy beaches and nice-walking streets Ė perfect for beach bums and tourists who are into strolling, jogging, and site seeing. For religious and history mutts, Varna is the place to be. It is home to the famed Cathedral of the assumption of the Virgin which houses a delicately carved iconostasis and bishopís throne alongside some interesting works of art. It was built in the 19th century and is the biggest Roman ruins in Bulgaria, and third biggest in Europe. Centuries back, the site is a great Roman rendezvous for bathing in either cold, tepid or hot water. Varna also teems with notable old Bulgaria Orthodox temples which are legacies of its superb past. These include the early 17th century Panagia, built over a site said to be the tomb of Ladislaus III; the metropolitan Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral; and the St. Athanasius Cathedral, formerly the Greek metropolitan cathedral. These temples are testimonies to the richly colored history, religion, and culture of old Bulgaria. But only few of these historical marvels have survived until today. Before they vanish into thin air, get a chance to meet them up close. Check on flights to Varna and avail yourself of the best airfares to these centuries-old temples. Have a taste of old Bulgaria while savoring the tourist-friendly sites of its modern alter-ego. Experience the alignment of the past and the present. Now, thatís a travel deal you sure donít want to miss!

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