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Sylt is a relatively small island on the north point of Germany, and within the immediate neighborhood of Denmark. This part of the Frisian Islands is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts, even those who are conscious of international airfares and are keener on going to the Caribbean or the tropics. It has plenty of beaches and hiking sites (not to mention cheap hotels) to ensure that you experience adventure amidst a very relaxed environment. Since it is also accessible by train, Sylt is also a favorite spot for local tourism, but you can also get airborne with cheap airline fare. You can reach Sylt if you are abroad via any of the smaller carriers which offer budget airline fare, or you can take advantage of reasonable international airfares from select flights of Lufthansa. By land, you can catch the train from Hindeburgdamm or Niebuell, the latter offering a thirty-minute ride to the island. Although there is less opportunity for you to use your car, you can still take it across via the same rail systems, then hop on a quick ferry ride to Romo or any of the other Frisian islands. There are also plenty of cheap hotels on Sylt if you want to spend your week there. The hotel Stadt Hamburg is located in Westerland, and is usually the favorite accommodations of tourists looking for cheap hotels which offer quality amenities. It is very near to most of the shopping haunts, where luxury products are offered side-by-side with high-quality local handicrafts; and since the island is small enough to begin with, about 200 km-worth of trails are accessible from almost anywhere, coursing through dunes, beaches, and the country side. You can also inquire about international airfares from your hotel if you wish, and purchase tickets at affordable airline fare.

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