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Kalamata is the second biggest Peloponnese city in the south of Greece. It is the capital and main port of the Messenia prefecture, and lies along the Nedon River at the head of the Messenian Gulf. The city is located near the ancient city of Pharai and about 240 km South-West of Athens. In 2001, the official census recorded 57,620 permanent inhabitants in the city. Kalamata is known to be the land of the Kalamatianos, the “silk shawl dance.” It is also famous for its succulent dark olives, dark olive oil and sweet sesame pastries. The city has a well-developed cluster of bus and train lanes that connect Kalamata to pretty much any large city in Greece. Moreover, the city has an important harbour and an international airport called “Nestor” (KLX), which offers cheap flight connections to other Mediterranean cities. There are numerous cultural and historical sights to be enjoyed in Kalamata. For example, the Ipapandis Byzantine church, the Villehardouin castle and the Kalograion silk-making factory, which is housed in an old monastery. The Kalamata railway park, belonging to the municipality, offers locals and tourists alike a chance to see some impressive stone bridgework. The Agion Apostolon churc is another popular sight in Kalamata. Not only was the church the base for the Mavromihalis revolution but also a historical wonder in its own right. Kalamata is not one of the most tourisy cities in Greece, so many airline companies make a special effort to offer cheap flight tickets and various airfare deals throughout the year, in hopes of attracting some of the tourists that would otherwise head to Tripoli or Sparta. Plane tickets to and from Kalamata are available from a variety of sources, including the Internet or local agencies. The best airfare deals can be found soon after the summer season ends and most tourists are heading home, rather than flying in.

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