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Skiathos is an island of Greece which is popular among the tourists because this island offers green and natural environment to its tourists. It is especially crowded in the summer and the main objective of the visitors is to visit the golden long sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters. It is well-developed in terms of tourism with a lot of facilities made to accommodate tourists to their convenience. Apart from visiting the beaches, tourists also can visit local city of Skiathos, the castle, the Bourtzi Fortress, monasteries and a museum. For those who are interested in sea caves, the visitors can make trips to Galazia, Chalkini Spilia and Galazia located on the north part. But, visitors can only get to these sea caves by boats. As it is a tourism island, there is a Skiathos Island National Airport which is big enough to accommodate Boeing 757-200 airplanes. Although it has limited number of airlines providing services to this island directly, one can always get cheap air tickets from Olympic Airlines with flights from Athens. Tourists can visit Athens first and then fly over to this island to enjoy its beaches. It costs USD 77 for a one-way air ticket from Athens to Skiathos Island. Apart from Olympic Airlines, other companies providing airline flights to Skiathos Island include Air Malta, First Choice Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines and XL Airways. Most of these flights start the flight journeys from London, and Air Malta from East Midlands. Using the internet, an individual who is interested in visiting this island can search for airline fares online, compare the offers, considering the savings made and then book online. Even tourists from other parts of the world can make a visit to this island although there are no direct flights from all around the world. Visitors can always make trips to either London or Athens to catch airline flights to Skiathos Island.

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