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With a history stepped in glory, Caen is a must visit for those interested in discovering the magic of French culture. Caen is located in North- Western France and is located about 7 miles inland from the English Channel. Caen is known for its excellent castles and a history, which has seen two of the biggest fights in France, take place in the district of Caen. The first one was between King Edward III of England who was on a mission to loot Caen of all itís wealth in 1346 while the latter one that took place in 1944 is a well-documented fight between Allied and Axis forces in the World War II. The construction of the city after the World War led to the formation of modern Caen and it provides an excellent atmosphere for tourists to enjoy the charms of the Normandy region of France. The best way to visit Caen would be through road and flight. While the English Channel provides excellent transportation via road, most tourists prefer to take discount flights into Caen. The Carpiquet Airport in France is about 6 kmís from the city of Caen and is connected by an excellent stream of buses and trams to the inland city. Both Air France and Sky south airlines have flights from Caen and finding airplane tickets to and from Caen shouldnít be much of a problem with the aid of the great number of online sites providing discount airfares. The best time to visit Caen would be during autumn or springs as you donít have to tax yourself during summer heat. There are many castles in and around Caen including the Chateau de Caen which is among the biggest medieval forts in Europe. In addition, there are many abbeys around Caen which are worth visiting. The best way to know about these places is to avail a travel guide in the Caen airport which should provide you with all the information you need in your stay at Caen.

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