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Fly to St. Petersburg

Discount airline tickets into the St. Petersburg International Airport (airport code - LED) are easy to locate and easy to purchase. Located on the Neva River on the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg was founded over two hundred years ago on May 27, 1703 by Emperor Peter the Great. There are multiple online locations offering both business and pleasure travelers a cheap ticket and some of the lowest airfares available for international flights. Upon arrival in St. Petersburg, one will notice the lack of high-rise buildings, as the city has incorporated strict guidelines on such things to ensure the incredible views of the historic skyline remain in tact. Architectural history, featuring Baroque and Neoclassical style buildings erected in the 18th and 19th centuries has been lovingly preserved and renovated. World-renowned museums, such as the Hermitage Museum and the Russian Museum dot the landscape housing some of the most historic collections. Many palaces, and architectural monuments have also been converted to public museums. A visit to St. Petersburg would not be complete without stopping along the way to explore a few of these wonders. Home to well over fifty theaters, in addition to leading ballet dancers and several philharmonic orchestras, it is not unusual to hear music 24 hours a day. Whether it be the first jazz band formed within the Soviet Union, the Seventh Symphony performed in the 1940’s, the first jazz club opening in the 1950’s or the rock style music that emerged in the 70’s; music has been a staple in Russian History. With more than six million people living within the vicinity of the city, the population and culture is as diverse as the styles of music. While visiting Europe, make sure that you stop in the city referred to as the imperial crown of her country.

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