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Flights to Sofia Bulgaria (SOF)


From Amsterdam, Belgium and Germany

Bulgaria Air

Bulgarian company with its seat in Sofia flies from Amsterdam, Brussels


50 Year old German flyer caters the lowcost market with flights from Brussels


German airline company flies on many holiday destinations from Cologne/Bonn


Former Dutch airline company also offers cheap tickets from Amsterdam, Maastricht-Aachen

Sky Europe

Slowak operator sells cheap tickets from Amsterdam, Brussels

Wizz Air

The biggest eastern European lowcost carrier flies from Dortmund

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Fly to Sofia

Fly to Sofia and get to meet ancient and modern Bulgaria A country of culturally diverse heritage, Bulgaria is made unique by a number of ancient civilizations who are characters of the pages of Bulgarian and European history books; a country with nine interesting sites internationally acclaimed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites; a country thatís moving out of its shell and alluring tourists from around the globe. Bulgaria is a mixture of the past and the present, a gem etched by time, a fine paradise waiting to be discovered. It shrouds itself with mystery that needs to be known; and the best way to know Bulgaria better, is to know a city where one of the earliest Bulgarian civilizations flourished - Sofia. Serdica or Sredets or Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. One of the oldest cities in Europe, its history dates back from around the 7th century BC when Thracians built the city next to an important and highly respected mineral spring. The millennium old Sofia holds remnants of its past and boasts of its modern landmarks. Sure, thereís so much more about Sofia and Bulgaria; and thatís what keeps them interesting. Itís for tourists to go and discover it themselves. Start your quest with these money saving tips to get discount air fares: Fly between Mondays thru Thursdays because itís generally cheaper and you can get discount flights compared to flights from Fridays thru Sundays. Reserve your holiday escapade to Sofia at the latter part of the winter season. Search for flights bound for large European cities with a wide array of flights to choose from. Bring only the most important of your garments and vacation paraphernalia to save money in the luggage fee. With all these money saving tips said, you should be gearing up now. So bring in your magnifying glass, get your air tickets, and let the quest begin.

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