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The locals at Ankara are very accommodating to tourists, even at the largely-hectic airports where everything seems to fade into a blur. A lot of the young people communicate well in English, and many will not hesitate to assist you if you’re fussing with your plane ticket, or that tense boarding final call. But even though many will attempt to make serviceable conversation with you in English (particularly at the travel agencies which promise the best airfares), it is highly recommended that you bring along a Turkish thesaurus or phrasebook. Ankara is Turkey’s administrative hub, as well as a major university area, so majority of its population involve civil servants, studes, and professors. There are a variety of good movie houses at Kavaklidere, Cankaya which are within a half-hour’s commute from the airports, as well as a few large halls for performances on classical music and opera. Traditional music is vibrant here, and can be heard from the pub to the concert hall, so you might want to sample a performance before you use up your plane ticket. The culture is more of a relaxed scholasticism, and depending on your inclinations, you can take a leisurely walk around the local parks, visit the museums, or view traces of the Ottoman Empire at the ancient fortress. High-end shopping hubs like Armada also house travel agencies which flaunt of the best airfares. The Ankara International Airport is where your plane ticket will most likely end up, as it is the most accosting facility of all the airports within 28 km of the city. The international flights are a bit unserviceable though, and many cover fewer destinations. This recently-built airport was just opened last year, and a more established facility means more serviceability in the future; your travel agency may just offer the best airfares for trips which junction at this airport.

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