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The Venice Airport (TSF) is more commonly known as the Sant’Angelo Treviso Airport or the Treviso Airport, though airlines and locals often refer to it as the Venice Treviso Airport. It is located about twenty kilometers from the beautiful and culturally rich city of Venice. In 2007, after extensive renovation, the Treviso Airport opened a new terminal, which is called Antonio Canova, after the famed Italian artist of the same name. The Marco Polo International Airport also serves the Venice area; it has been recently rebuilt. However, because it is closely confined within city limits – and to pay for the cost of being rebuilt – some Venetians and frequent visitors accuse the Marco Polo International Airport of being too expensive. By contrast, the Treviso Airport offers comparably cheap tickets, not to mention a wide choice of domestic and international flights. Although visitors to Venice will no doubt prefer to get around town with the aid of gondolas through the ancient cities world famous canals, the airport offers a variety of transportation to get travelers to and from Venice, as well as to and from the airport itself. A vast array of buses, taxis, and car hires go to and from the city to the airport, however they can also take passengers to and from the train station, through which there is a straight shot from Venice to the Venice Treviso Airport. The available transportation makes a desirable contrast to the city of Venice itself, wherein the old centre of the city still relies on water and foot traffic – meaning, visitors to the oldest parts of Venice have to either walk, ride in a gondola (which is used mostly for tourists these days), or make use of the city’s innovative water buses. As a matter of fact, Venice is the largest, urban, car free area in all of Europe. There is however a public transport system in Venice, known as the Azienda Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano, or ACTV. Within the airport, there is a wealth of car hire services such as Hertz and Easy Car, as well as a first aid station, air ticket insurance, cafes, financial facilities, and police services on the second floor. Travelers can get a domestic flight, or an international flight to such places as Malta, Bucharest, Prague, and Amsterdam. The Treviso Airport also offers charter airlines, which attend to destinations including Ibiza, Moscow, and Domodedovo.

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