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Nador city lies in the hilly region along the coast of northern Morocco. The city is a Mediterranean port on the Bhar Amezzyan. Lagoon and a trading centre for fish, fruit, and livestock. It is linked to the Spanish city of Melilla, 10 kilometers north, by a semi-motorway. The city is populated by Tarifit-Berber speaking population of nearly 180,000 inhabitants. The city became independent with the rest of Morocco in 1956. The economy of the city is based on several resources, such as smuggling of tax-free goods from Melilla, money transfers of Riffian Moroccans working in Western Europe. There are other less strong economic activities in Nador city and the province of Nador like fishery, agriculture, some industry (metallurgy, for instance), and also smuggling from Algeria - along the roads of Nador and its surroundings you can find several spots for illegal sale of cheaper gasoline or diesel coming from Algeria.Nador is considered as the second richest city in Morocco (after Casablanca) on the level of financial capacity. The superb Sebkha bou Areq lagoon, not far from Nador, can only be reached by foot across an almost uninhabited coastal strip strewn with many beautiful seashells. North of Nador is Melilla and Three Forks Cape. At the cape there is plenty to feast your eyes on as you gaze out, over the turquiose waters. Nador's airport caters a number of airlines which offer cheap and low airfares including Jetairfly, Ryan Air, and Atlas Blue. Other famous airlines which travel to Nador from different European countries are American Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, and Continental Airlines. Hotels in Nador are cheap and are easily affordable.

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