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Klagenfurt, located at the Southern part of Austria, is a popular destination as mountains roll in from both north and south. There are also about 23 castles still open for public viewing within the outskirts of the city, a hotspot for ghost hunter wannabes who believe that souls of dead kings haunt the halls of these fortresses. Aside from the beautiful landscape and the friendly locals, the cuisine is quite superb. This city has a fairly small airport with cheap flights coming in from various parts of Europe. From Heathrow(LHR) to Klagenfurt (KLU), airfare tickets are usually priced around £170. A good bargain considering the fact that you get great service from the airline company as well as the airport personnel in Klagenhurt. With such cheap flights, make certain that you book a month or so before the date of your anticipated trip as airfare tickets sell like pancakes, especially during peak seasons. There are various airport transportation services available in Klagenhurt, but these are mostly privately owned and operated. This option is more affordable, if you compare to that of the airportís. But if you are concerned about your safety, paying a little extra is worth it. However, if you feel confident that youíve contacted the right airport transportation company, then you might have just found yourself a tour guide as well. To take advantage of a good deal, stay at Klagenhurt for at least two weeks. This will give you enough time to visit all the tourist attractions, catch a few football or ice hockey games and try out the delicious cuisine Austria is known for. Just take extra precautions when it comes to your health and safety as pickpockets are not unknown in some parts of the city.

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