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See the World from Rijeka. Rijeka is a western Croatian city made unique by its richly colored arts and culture. Its landmarks and landscapes speak so much about its glorious past as much as it depicts so much about its modernity. Rijeka, like all other places, prides itself with folkloric landmarks which help define its culture. Most notable among them is the sanctuary of Madonna Trsatian. Madonna Trsatian is said to be the guardian of the travelers, especially seamen. They would bring offerings to her, and ask her for guidance and protection against trouble or illness. The sustained campaign for the arts is also of importance to the townspeople of Rijeka. The city is home to the Croatian National Theatre “Ivan pl. Zajc”, which was first built in 1765. Other interesting masterpieces worth beholding are the Gothic sculpture (Gospa Slunjska) of the Madonna of Slunj and works of art by the Baroque painter, C. Tasce. Indeed, the city rises into globalization with a flavor of its own – a blend of prehistoric and contemporary arts and culture. If you want to enjoy life, treat yourself and see the world in a different angle, then Rijeka should be first in you itinerary. And don’t worry on having an irksome travel just to get there, because Rijeka is now accessible via air transportation, with the best services and reasonable fares you deserve. The city is reachable via its own international airport located on the nearby island of Krk or via the scheduled airlines from key European cities. offers discount airline tickets with flights from Cologne, Hannover, Stuttgart, Munich and Leipzig to Rijeka. Croatia Airlines also have cheap air tickets in its weekly flights from the country’s capital, Zagreb, to Rijeka. Go and see the world, see Rijeka. Rush to your nearest airport and get yourself a relaxing and worth-it air travel.

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