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Brussels Airlines is the leading Belgium airline group flying from Brussels


Former Dutch airline company also offers cheap tickets from Amsterdam, Maastricht-Aachen

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So, you like to travel and enjoy the leisure of flying to different foreign places, which are new to you. Who doesnít like to travel and relax once in a while? Isnít it nice if you will go to a place where you can really have a great time with a great view and architectures to see? Thatís what you can experience in Strasbourg, itís located in the boarder line of France and Germany itís just like being in two places at once, itís also a place where you can have a city air without being overwhelmed. The city has one of the most divine cathedrals in France. - The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg a Roman Catholic cathedral, considered as a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The city also has one of the oldest and most active universities: Universite Louis Pasteur, Universite Marc Bloch and Universite Robert Schuman. There are also a lot of parks and museum that you can visit. But if you think going to a country like Strasbourg will cost you expensive flight ticketsÖ There are already airlines that offer cheap air flight most especially if youíll travel in the off peek season, they even give promos in this time of year where there are less people that travel with an assurance that youíll be in a good quality plane, that you can really enjoy. When you arrived at SXB the Strasbourg international airport, you can just rent or hire an airport taxi, or a shuttle if you who are traveling in a big group for your airport transportation. This is the one city in France that is surely worth going to... Just plan your tour right so youíd avoid problems and hassles while youíre having the time of your life. Enjoy!

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