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One-way flights to Trondheim are most expedient for students who want to soak into the eclectic nightlife of the city. This once-Norwegian capital is also familiar for its magnificent Nidarosdomen cathedral. The city prides itself of its past, and stays true to local industries which have flourished since the age of the Vikings, such as fishing; the beautiful riverside wharfs and the aged-wood buildings are testaments of years gone by, and tourist airfares are well worth every cent with a walkthrough of these hamlets. If you plan to visit Trondheim, you can get lowest airfare deals if you book them during the off-peak seasons of August to October. Travelers shouldn’t be surprised to find a warmer Trondheim than expected, after disembarking from one-way flights. The Norwegian climate is balmier in spite of its high latitude location; this is because of the geographical Gulf Stream which runs almost halfway of the country’s northern territory. But even during the relatively temperate summer seasons, you can still grab a pair of the lowest airfare tickets to Trondheim; there is always something happening in the city, no matter how trivial, which can be of interest to travelers, such as trying your hand at angling at the wharf or whisking the night away at the city’s hotspots. Cheap airfares are offered at the airport or at a travel agency which specializes in Norwegian destinations. If you want to get into the city via domestic one-way flights, there are also plenty of chartered trips from adjacent destinations. Since the natural landscape of the country is rugged, and air travel is the best way to go, you’ll have no problem with finding the lowest airfare deals, especially last-minute boarding airfares at the airport terminal. SAS Scandinavian and Wideroe are the most popular carriers, and even regular prices are reasonable – as based on Norwegian standards, that is.

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