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Fly to Sandefjord

You may not be familiar with Sandefjord, Norway, but if you ask the locals and the Norwegians if booking for a plane ticket here is well worth the trouble, most wouldn’t hesitate to agree. There are two things which make this city stand out: whaling, and Viking culture (or at least a tribute to it). This city has the pioneering spirit running down its veins, as the replica of a famous Viking ship (Gokstad) on the harbor boldly states. If Sandefjord isn’t yet a part of your travel plans to Norway, book a last-minute flight ticket to this city, and spend an intimate tęte-ŕ-tęte with the whalers who dare to navigate the Antarctic in search of blubber. Due to its geography, Sandefjord is also a popular health spa for royalty and celebrities; there are saline sea baths, as well as mud and sulfur baths. More than fifty thousand people frequented this place up to the 1940’s, and since the baths building have only been recently restored for cultural events and other sundry activities, wind down from your last-minute flight by visiting this popular city resort. You can get in with a plane ticket to Torp Airport (10 km from the city), or purchase a ferry ticket and arrive from adjacent destinations. You won’t regret your last-minute flight once you visit the city center, as Norway’s distinct culture of fusing the old and the new is very much alive here. The country’s finest gourmet restaurant is in Sandefjord, housed in a modern building within proximity of the harbor. You can also ensure that your plane ticket counts by sampling the delicacies at the fishmonger’s area at the harbor, or you can purchase a bus ticket, and visit the whaling monument at the limits of the city’s primary street; sample exquisite, exotic whale meat at Kokereit, a nearby restaurant.

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