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From Amsterdam, Belgium and Germany

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is the leading Belgium airline group flying from Brussels


Well-known English lowcost airline with departures from Dortmund


German airline company flies on many holiday destinations from Cologne/Bonn


Former Dutch airline company also offers cheap tickets from Amsterdam, Maastricht-Aachen

Sky Europe

Slowak operator sells cheap tickets from Amsterdam, Brussels

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The city of Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic, is the hub of the Czech air system. From the bustling international airport of Prague-Ruzyne Airport (PRG), millions of people fly in and out of the country every year. Prague-Ruzyne Airport is the home base for both the Czech flag carrier, CSA (Czech Airlines), and Smart Wings, an airline that specializes in low-cost flights, as well as a stopover for all the major international airlines and many of the low-cost European airlines. From Prague you can buy inexpensive airlines tickets to dozens of locations: Cyprus, Paris, Budapest, Milan, Rome, Faro, Moscow, Barcelona, Madrid, several cities in Greece, and dozens more locations throughout Europe. You can even find low-cost flights to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. You can also buy airlines tickets to airports in Brno and Ostrava, other cities in the Czech Republic. The Prague-Ruzyne Airport is 10 km (6.2 miles) outside Prague. Train shuttles connect the airport to the center of Prague all day and part of the night, and buses and taxis are always available. The Prague-Ruzyne Airport offers all the amenities of other international airports, including shopping, restaurants, a bank, several car rental agencies, a post office, and 24-hour health services. The VIP facilities include a 12-person conference room and a press room, as well as several lounges, and nearby is a 350-person meeting room. There are also five hotels either on the grounds of the airport or just outside it. The Prague-Ruzyne Airport has been named the best airport in Central and Eastern Europe, making it one of the best airports in the world... and with its rapidly growing popularity and planned expansions, soon it will be even better. If you are looking for low-cost flights to and from the Czech Republic, the Prague-Ruzyne Airport is an excellent choice of airports.

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