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The Roenne or the Ronne airport is better known as the Borholms Lufthavn. This airport has had a busy history; it was opened to public transport in 1940s and during the 2nd world war, was an important military air base because of the far and interior location, enabling faster supplies via air. Today, it is a well equipped airport, both technically and mechanically. It is primarily a domestic airport with airline flights to and from Copenhagen, operated by to main airlines of Denmark, the Danish air transport and Cimber air. Chartered services to selected foreign destinations are also provided for during the summer season. The international airport code of this airport is RNN. The airport has an average of seven daily departures, mostly to Copenhagen. From Copenhagen, airline flights, having cheap tickets, are available to almost every part of the world. Getting down from your airline flight, you get a welcoming feel of warm air. The moment you step on the Roenne airport, you come to know why this place is titled the “pearl of the Baltic”. This place is bound to mesmerize you with its sandy beaches, wonderful landscaping, beautiful and warm people and cheap airline tickets, of course! The range of flight at Roenne airport is enough to suffice for its population and domestic and international tourists. Cimber air flies almost 7 flights a day on the borholm-copenhagen route. Each flight lasts for roughly 35 minutes. Cimber air also flies flights between billund and Borholms; this is a new summer flight and was started in 2008 itself. It lasts for roughly 50 minutes. Moreover, Lufthansa also runs its flight from Borholms to Hamburg and return trip also. There are certain international summer flights, like the one between Oslo and Borholm, run by a Norwegian airline Wilderoe. Most common and popular flight leaving and arriving at this airport are Billund – Roenne, Copenhagen– Roenne, munich– Roenne, and Frankfurt– Roenne, Berlin – Roenne and cologne – Roenne.

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