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Air Berlin

Fourth-biggest airline in terms of European traffic flies from Bremen, Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Münster/Osnabrück, Paderborn-Lippstadt

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is the leading Belgium airline group flying from Brussels


50 Year old German flyer caters the lowcost market with flights from Brussels


German airline company flies on many holiday destinations from Cologne/Bonn


Former Dutch airline company also offers cheap tickets from Amsterdam, Maastricht-Aachen

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Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, and it naturally follows that it’s also the country’s busiest airport transportation hub. It in fact accommodates almost all international flight itineraries, as it also has the country’s most bustling airport. Contrary to what you may believe though, the city isn’t Switzerland’s capital, and only in recent years has it become a truly worthwhile destination. The city has been famous for its cleanness and efficiency, and with the development of its cultural and gastronomical scene, in addition to an upsurge in a cosmopolitan attitude, a visit to Zurich is truly worth your airline fare. The city speaks German, albeit with very different intonations from the standard, so don’t be surprised to hear a foreign-familiar sounding dialect during your flight. Standard German is well-understood though, as well as English, French, and Italian, so you won’t have any trouble with language here. Its airport transportation terminals are efficient otherwise, and you’ll also have no trouble when confirming or paying for your airline fare at the airport. The Zurich Airport is the country’s biggest airport transportation facility, and it’s run like clockwork with the famous Swiss efficiency. Flight itineraries are impeccably on time, and the pace is brisk if not concise. The airport is located within the territory of Kloten, a mere twelve minutes from the city center, that is if you take the train which arrives every ten to fifteen minutes. There are also a few bus lines with route junctions at the airport; these also allow you to get to the Winterthur sector. Your airline fare will most probably be for SWISS, the country’s flag carrier, as it accounts for much of the airport’s international traffic. All of the major hotels usually offer shuttle services to the airport and back, and the final stop is a brisk walk to the right from the arrival area of terminal 1.

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