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There are actually two airports here in Tenerife Spain. The first one is the Tenerife North Airport (also known as TFN) and the other one is the South Airport. Although the TFN is not as busy as the other airport, it still welcomes more than four million passengers every year who usually book for last minute flight. Moreover, every year, there are more than sixty-five thousand airline flights that are being handled by the Tenerife North Airport. There are also some tourists who want to arrive at the TFN instead of the bigger airport in Tenerife. This is because the airline companies offer the cheapest flight rates if you were to arrive here at this side of Tenerife. Probably, this is also part of the tourism strategy of Tenerife so that visitors can get to explore the northern area first before going to the southern area of the city. Tourists rush here in Tenerife for several reasons. First is because it has the cheapest flight rates. Two, is because it is a popular summer destination. And last but not the least, Tenerife is definitely a paradise where you can experience great relaxation. If you would like to pamper yourself, take even the last minute flight going here in Tenerife. You can choose from luxurious hotels to the cheap ones offering quality service as well. Common visitors here in Tenerife Spain are couples who want to have a romantic escapade. But there are also families who want to bond at the beaches of Tenerife. Aside from the hotels, several restaurants are also available where tourists can choose depending on their budget and what cuisines do they want to taste. There are some restaurants serving only local food from Tenerife while other serve international dishes like burgers, pizza, French soups, dumplings and more.

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