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Leipzig is a quaint Saxon city which you can completely explore within two days, and is a staple of any travel guide to Germany. You can reach it via a two-hour road or train trip southwards from Berlin; if you come from abroad, you can take discount flights to the Leipzig/Halle airport, a mere 18-km from the heart of the city. You can purchase return flights tickets from the many ticketing booths at the airport, and then take 30-minute taxi ride to the cityís center for about thirty Euros. Leipzigís rail system also has the most tracks of all Germany, and it is a crucial access or exit point to and from anywhere, so take note of it on your travel guide. The station also accommodates a three-story underground mall, where you can buy everything from a quick sandwich to flights tickets. And since the mall is situated in a round-the-clock public transport system, it is open for up to ten in the evening, so you can still get last-minute discount flights if you want to avoid the potential queues at the airport. The cityís center is laid out in a square, with the market square right in the middle, so navigating it with your travel guide seems easy enough. There are plenty of cafes and walk-in shops, and sitting space if you want to people watch. You may have some problems with accommodations though, unless youíve taken discount flights for business purposes. Since Leipzig has been a trading center for centuries, thereís not much to check into which isnít either a hostel or a posh business hotel. So be sure to get good deals with your flight tickets, as you might need the extra money for stay-ins. Sunday rooms cost for fifty-two Euros on average, and double rooms for about a hundred dollars.

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