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Aberdeen airport is comfortably located on the top ten of UK´s number of flight movements. Which is no surprise given the recent tourism potential that Scotland has been unveiling in recent years. But that is really not something special, what is indeed outstanding about this airport is that it lands about half a 38000 helicopters per year which represents about half a million passengers, putting it right about the top of the world considering heliport dimensions. Scotland may be more appealing to older tourists, the highlands are an invitation to nature contemplation, but if you are younger you can also find your fun around the famous pubs. And there are hundreds of them, because there are a lot of students living in Aberdeen due to the University, one of the oldest in the United Kingdom. So if this is somehow appealing to you, start compare airfares to get the best deal, and why not put a some bathing equipment on your bag, because besides all that I mentioned before Aberdeen also offers you beaches, a walk by the beach promenade is a good idea. On the recent history side, you may wonder why Aberdeen has been developing so much, and the answer is simple: Oil. Yes, that thing nowadays that is on the top of the major global issues is the main reason for Aberdeen growth, mainly since the discovery of oil in the North Sea, so it´s now simple to understand why they call it the Oil Capital of Europe. So, travel to get some rest, travel to get some hard party, travel even to go right into the core of crude business. And remember, air flights are not just by plane but also by helicopter if you prefer the glamour of vertical liftoff. Let the warm Scottish people welcome you through centuries of history.

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