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Even though Oslo is more familiar to the average guy than any of the more cosmopolitan cities of Norway (like Bergen or Trondheim), its rugged natural landscape merits a place in any backpacking, globetrotting tourist’s travel itinerary. Oslo is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest capitals if you consider the extent of its borders, but since most of its landmass is dense with foliage, nature lovers in particular will make the most out of their airfare deals to the city. Since this side of Norway is well-traveled nonetheless, you won’t find it hard to get discount air fares for the trip. Don’t mistake Oslo as a travel destination which is only for hikers and campers though; admirers of the compulsive Edward Munch will get a real treat from their discount air fares, as here he has his own museum to boot. The museum has been the focus of news lately when his famous piece ‘The Scream’ was stolen and retrieved through novel circumstances. As a result the, security on the Munch Museum (as well as on the National Gallery) has been tightened. If you’re into literature, book for great airfare deals and visit the Henrik Ibsen Museum. As expected from a city which is covered mostly by forests, your travel to Oslo wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the park. The Frogner Park could only be an obscure green expanse if not for the hundreds of sculptures which adorn the grounds, made by local artist Gustav Vigeland. If you took advantage of discount air fares and took the kids along for the trip, be sure to take them here and let them scramble on top of the statues (under your supervision, of course); the locals wouldn’t even bat an eyelash. You can also visit Toyen Park (near the Munch Museum) and the Botanical garden just south of this before you secure return airfare deals.

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