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Founded by the Irish government in 1936 and providing air services from Amsterdam

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Ireland is the third largest island in Europe. One of the popular cities in tourism is Cork, and it is the largest city in Ireland. Apart from that, Cork is the administrative centre of County Cork and the largest city in Munster province. Cork of Ireland was originally a religious settlement founded by St. Finbarr, and it has been attacked by the Vikings. This city was once surrounded by walls, and the remains are still visible today. Places of interest in Cork are mainly of historical buildings. Some of the old buildings have been restored for tourism. There are buildings that survived medieval Cork. The main street, St. Partrick’s Street has been reconstructed with shopping centres and buildings along the pedestrian walk. Nearby is the Grand Parade lined with trees, which is the hub of financial institutions and offices. The old buildings are mostly of Georgian style. The tallest tower and longest building in Ireland is located in Cork. Other buildings of interest are the City Hall, church tower of Shandon, Cork Opera House, University College Cork and other religious buildings. Cork Airport is one of the main international airports in Ireland, after Dublin and Shannon. It is located in Ballygarvan, located 8km south of Cork City. Cork Airport accommodates a number of British, European and Irish destinations. It is the third busiest airport in Ireland with 3.2 million passengers per year. Since this is an important and busiest airport in Ireland, there are a lot of scheduled and chartered destinations from a lot of places in the world. Some of the destinations include Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Rome and Newcastle. Visitors will be able to search for airfare via the internet. Low flight prices can be obtained after visitors compare the prices offered by different airline companies.

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