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Mahon is the capital of the Minorca’s Balearic Island. Its location is on the eastern part of the island. Mahon is well known as one of the biggest natural harbors in the world and one the top three in the whole Mediterranean’s west. Nowadays, Mahon is used as the Minorca Island Council’s residence and it mainly attracts travelers looking to explore the area’s history, as Minorca is home to dozens of megalithic stone constructions. Mahon Airport (MAH), right near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is the largest airport on the territory of the Minorca Balearic islands. Mahon Airport has an interesting history that stretches over decades. The airport was opened during the 60s to take over the air traffic from neighboring San Luis Airport, which was closing. Over the following decade, Mahon became the object of never-ending restructurations and rebuildings, with the final wing opening in 2008. The average amount of passengers Mahon Airport handles during one year is over 950,000, even though the total number of countries the airport has scheduled flights to and from is only four. Despite the small number, Mahon handles an impressive 36 airports in 35 cities within these countries. About 15 major world airline companies serve the airport to and from numerous destinations. While each airline has its own airfare politics on bargain travel deals, some of the lowest fares can be found when booking minute tickets. Because of time constraints, last minute travelers tend to be a good deal both for airlines, who sell more tickets, and passengers, who get a chance to travel without having to prepare for it months in advance. While last minute airline tickets do have their disadvantages (such as not being able to choose the time and day of flight), the low fares more than make up for the inconveniences.

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