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Dutch equivalent of TUI with a choice of three comfort classes flies from Amsterdam, Amsterdam

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Zakynthos, Greece

(16 km (+ferry))

Patras, Greece

(110 km (+ferry))

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Kefalonia is the largest Ionian island in Greece. This place is also known as Cephalonia, named after the ancient mythical figure of Cephalous. The kefalonia international airport handles many international flights, mainly chartered ones during the summer. This airport lies to the east of the capital town of Argostoli. It is estimated that this airport services more than 400,000 passengers annually. The flight from Athens to EFL via the Olympic airlines carrier is a meager 45 minute journey, making it a virtual jumper. It has a 2.4 km long runway. Most of the flights to and from this airport are primarily those to Athens. The IATA code for this airport is EFL.the single airstrip serves both the incoming and the outgoing traffic and is a busy place, specially during the summers. One can find one of the lowest airfares in all of Greece at EFL, especially during the summer season, when the airlines are looking to cash in on the tourist influx. The Kefalonia international airport is also known as “Odysseas”. Aegean airways provide one way flights to Athens. Olympic airlines also provide certain flights to other parts of Greece. Most, infact all of the international air flights from this airport are by the means of Chartered jets, being offered by various air carriers. Quite a lot of these chartered air flights are one way flights, and if you want them to be one way on demand, you can specify that also. Finair provides flights to Helsinki. Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson fly and First choice airways provide flights to major locations in the UK like Birmingham, London, Bristol and Manchester. It needs to be noted that most of these services are seasonal in nature, usually during the summer season; the air traffic is experienced to soar. XL airways provides chartered flights to the above mentioned locations in the UK and also provides services to Bristol, Newcastle and East Main lands.

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